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Pricing Guideline *


Shirts: R120 - R420                                        Tunics: R190 - R390

Jackets: R450 - R1250                                    Trousers: R190 - R450

Skirts: R190 - R450                                         Dresses: R200 - R550

Overalls: R200 - R450                                    Aprons: R60 - R250





Pricing Guide

With the widest range of styles and fabrics, we cater for all clients and budgets

* Prices ABOVE are a guideline only as these vary according to:

- Style preference                           - Fabric choice

- Trim detail                                     - Units ordered (Minimum order: 5 units per style)




  • Prices exclude 14% VAT


  • Prices exclude delivery, insurance, embroidery and branding costs. 


  • Outsizes: due to significantly more fabric used in outsize garments (size 42 upwards) an additional 20% will be charged for these items. 


  • NO VAT payable on orders for export and invoiced to a foreign company

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